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Why US Wants a New Deal with Iran?

Is United States afraid of growing influence of Iran in Middle East?

There are three regional powers in the Middle East: Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel. United States has strong ties with both Israel and Saudi Arabia. In Middle East, main feud is between Saudi Arabia and Iran, who are involved in proxy wars in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq, since 20th century. Iran and Saudi Arabia are overtly or covertly involved in the wars in Syria, Yemen and Iraq. Apparently, militias backed by Iran are winning in these regions and it is a threat to the dominance of both Saudi Arabia and the United States.

In 2015, Iran made a nuclear deal with United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France, China and Russia. However, in May 2018, President Donald Trump withdrew from the deal and imposed sanctions on Iran. Recently, United States has increased its military presence in Middle East and is asking China, India and turkey to stop importing oil from Iran. This will obviously have a crippling impact on Iran’s economy. It is a move to restrict Iran from funding its militias operating in Middle East.

Iran is already not working on its nuclear program, and will not pursue it because it is still having a deal with other European countries. The United States withdrew from the nuclear deal because it can see the growing influence of Iran in Middle East. Now, president trump demands for a fresh deal with Iran, which will include further restrictions on Iran’s nuclear and missile program and on Iran’s involvement in Syria, Yemen and Iraq. To bring Iran on table, the United States is pressurizing Iran with a threat of a major war.

A war is out of question, as it will be a complete disaster if the United States will wage a war against Iran. The aggressive policies of President Trump will not benefit America. It will lead to third world war because countries like Russia, Turkey, China, India and Israel will also jump in. Whole world is aware that a war is not feasible in this nuclear age. Even in case of a minor war, the region will become very unstable because already militant groups are operating and poverty is prevailing in Middle East. The balance of power in the region will be disrupted. The repercussions of any kind of war will destabilize other countries in Asia.

Some senior officials of both the United States and Iran are showing willingness to have a talk. It is in the favour of all if both countries agree to settle the problem peacefully. For now, it is important for Iran to get rid of all the sanctions to boost its economy. The United States is no more a strong superpower who can coerce other countries. Already trade war is going on between China and the United States. No country can afford belligerent policies no matter how strong it is. Hence, the leaders of both states should escalate the situation by finding a viable solution for peace in the region.

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