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The World’s Oldest Religion

It is extremely hard to quote the exact birth of any religion. Somehow it is said that Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion, by the studies of many Religious scholars and philosophers after keeping the main roots, cultures, and traditions in view, Hinduism is pin pointed almost 4000 years back, which is followed by almost 900 million attendants today. Therefore it is denoted as the third largest practiced religion behind Islam and Christianity.

Religion is a social arrangement of assigned practices and practices, ethics, perspectives, writings, blessed spots, predictions, morals, or Associations,  that relates mankind to heavenly, supernatural, or otherworldly components. Be that as it may, there is no academic agreement over what correctly comprises a religion. There are almost 10,000 religions practiced in the world in total, somehow almost 84% part of these religions are classifications of five major religions which are known as Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or any other custom religion. It is widely regarded that Hinduism is the most ancient religion alive.

The World’s Oldest Religion

When we talk about the oldest religion in the World, after a lot of debates, studies and research, Hinduism is considered as the World’s Oldest Religion and it is accepted by a wide number of scholars and religious philosophers. It is believed that Religion Hinduism is derived back from 2300 BCE, Hence it is proved to be the most Anciently practiced Religion.


Hinduism is practiced by 900 million followers approximately, therefore Hinduism holds the third position in terms of vogue around the world.  95% Followers of this religion are settled in  India, Therefore the originator of this religion cannot be revealed. Hence it is very tricky to find the exact age of this religion. Another problem which is that this religion is a set of different religions, therefore, it is not described as one religion and is quoted as ‘’Way of life or Family of religion’’.

Apart from a collection of different religions. Mostly the parts of religion Hinduism are known as henotheistic, which is elaborated as the that they praise a single deity which is denoted as “Brahman” . But according to few followers single deity is not enough there are different paths to reach their god, therefore they recognize different deities Aswell.  Hindus (followers of Hinduism) have a strong belief in the  Creed of Samsara which is a structural word for (continuous cycle of life, rebirth of soul and Death) they also have a strong belief on Karma which is defined as the universal law affiliated as the sum of  actions towards  the existence which helps to decide the fate of a person’s life. In easy words ‘’ What goes around, comes around”.

Hindus also have a number of religious texts (Samaveda, Rig Veda, Atharvaveda, etc.) which is not something surprisingly distinct.

History of the Hindu

Scholars have a strong belief that the religion started in the Indus Valley, Which is geographically near to Pakistan.  However, followers of this religion say that Hinduism always existed. Indus Valley was previously possessed by a native clan and by the Indo-Aryan people who shifted to the valley near about 1500 BCE. The Veda time frame, which was between 1500 BCE and 500 BCE, saw various practices, for example, reciting and offering penances. The love of different divinities occurred from 500 BCE to 500 CE where the general population adored different gods and goddess-like; (, Shiva, Devi, and Vishnu) According to the beliefs of experts few religions are dependent on Hinduism like Buddhism and Jainism.

Modern History of Hindu

Muslims Arabs began to invade areas in India on the 7th century, the duration of the Muslim Period sections which stayed from about 1200 to 1757, The  Hindus were restricted from praising their divinities, and some of their temples were demolished. Saints started to express their spirituality by the help of poetry and songs.  Medieval era of Hindus started from 500 to 1500 A.D and saints expressed spiritual beliefs through poetry and poet saints were found at that time.

Deities (gods) of Hindus

Hindus praise many divinities in addition to Brahman, Which is believed to be the supreme god who is present in everything.

Following are the major gods of Hinduism:

  1. Vishnu (protector of the universe)
  2. Devi ( battler to restore dharma)
  3. Lakshmi ( goddess of wealth and purity)
  4. Shiva ( destructor and creator of the universe)
  5. Saraswati ( goddess of learning)


To put this All in a nutshell, it is said that religion is master of beliefs and satisfaction. Whoever finds spiritual peace follows the specific Religion. One should have strong faith for choosing a strong religion.


“Which is it? Is man only a blunder of God? Or is god only a blunder of man?”

― Friedrich Nietzsche,

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