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Precautions During Pregnancy | Myth vs. Reality

What Precautions During Pregnancy should you take?

Us humans have been around for more than 200,000 years and it is safe to say that women have been getting pregnant and giving birth to babies during this period of time. But as soon as the news gets out that you are eating for two, you get treated like a flower. It is nearly impossible to stop your married friend or next-door grandma from giving you some advice on precautions during pregnancy. There are tons of things that you can’t do while pregnant. And then there are those things that you can. We are here to discuss both what you can and can’t do.

precautions during pregnancy

What has been achieved by pregnant women

In the world of today, women are seen pushing the boundaries of what is possible during pregnancy. Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi, a Malaysian shooter for the 2012 Olympics competed when she was 8 months pregnant and Alysia Montano, in the 2014 U.S track and field championships took part in an 800m race while she was 8 months pregnant. These women have taken training but with proper precautions during pregnancy, they have achieved what was previously thought to be impossible. There are many more examples such as Serena Williams, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Kristie Moore and the list goes on and on to show that there are no things you can’t do while pregnant. But you most certainly have to take precautions during pregnancy. Got to protect the little guy.

what is possible during pregnancy

While breaking world records is not recommended in our list of things you can’t do while pregnant, we are trying to highlight the strength and toughness of the pregnant body and are here to give you pregnancy tips that you may not know of. Pregnancy does not necessarily have to hamper the everyday life of a normal, healthy woman. The key to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy life is the same; eat healthy, hydrate, exercise and rest properly.

Many changes occur in the pregnant body in these 9 months. Physical fitness is important but mental and emotional health are just as important during this period as well. You can still do most of your favorite stuff but with precautions during pregnancy.

All the things you can’t do while pregnant (and I mean NOT AT ALL)

Throughout your pregnancy, avoid smoking and smoky areas at all costs. One cigarette during pregnancy especially the 1st trimester is enough to ruin your baby’s health. Do not drink alcohol and if you eat meat, it must be appropriately cooked and cleaned. Only use pasteurized dairy products. Soft cheese and deli meats should be avoided if possible, because you will be prone to salmonella poisoning. And if you are a big fan coffee, good news! Well, not really, you have to cut it down to a maximum of 2 cups a day.

For pet owners, avoid handling pet litter, if possible.

no smoking during pregnancy

Pregnancy tips: Precautions during pregnancy, what you should and should not do

Pregnancy tips: Precautions during pregnancy 1st trimester

first trimester of pregnancy

This is very easily the most arduous time. Weight gain and tiredness combined with potential morning sickness become a bitter pill to swallow for most women. During this period, give yourself proper time to rest and relax.

You should talk to your doctor or trainer to change your exercise routine so that it suits you in your current state. After all it is important to take precaution during pregnancy and there are a lot of things that you can’t do while pregnant Do not attempt any exercises that put pressure of any kind on the abdomen or abdominal area.

Eating a balanced diet helps tremendously. Ideally, it should include fruits, vegetables, protein, carbohydrates and fiber. Sweet and ripe papaya is safe during pregnancy but try to avoid unripe papaya. If needed, take vitamin supplements and folic acid supplements for your child’s development and drink ample amounts of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Communicating your feelings to your partner is very important as it promotes emotional and physical health in mothers. Making him part of the process is an important part of the process. This way he will be able to understand what you go through every day. Mood swings are normal during the first trimester and it is vital to let your partner be aware of this.

Pregnancy tips: Precautions during pregnancy 2nd trimester

2nd trimester of pregnancy tips

Hopefully, you have left the worst part behind you. The second trimester should see that you have more energy, and feel more comfortable in your new body.

Make sure your diet is rich in Vitamin C and Iron.

Take a Lamaze Class. These are designed to take moms-to-be through the delivery process and tell them what to expect. It is also a way to meet others in a similar condition to yours. Sharing the excitement of becoming a parent is always great.

Eat clean, exercise and rest during this time.

Pregnancy tips: Precautions during pregnancy 3rd trimester

This is it! The home stretch!

The pregnancy tips we have for the third trimester are that it is very important to avoid stress because extreme stress may cause your water to break. If you have any plans for travel, now is the time. It is safe to travel but make sure there is room to stretch your legs to avoid cramps.

Getting sleep is harder due to the bigger body but you can try sleeping on your side. Foot massages are great. Take care of yourselves like never before, before the little man (or woman) changes your life forever.

precautions during third trimester of pregnancy

Pregnancy Tips: Things you CAN do while pregnant:

The pregnancy precautions make you a little crestfallen so let us change the pace. We have talked about what you can’t do, but there are things that you CAN do while pregnant and they might even surprise you a little.

Things you can do while pregnant include:

  1. Drinking Coffee (up to 200 mg per day but no more than that)
  2. Eat Chocolate (Chocolate is actually good for pregnant ladies)
  3. Exercise (you can get moving again but with professional help)
  4. Travel (your life is about to change; do all the things you want to do before the little guy comes)
  5. Continue your vegetarian diet (if you avoid meat, you will have to balance protein intake using vegetables but meat eating is not obligatory)
  6. Eat meat (Pregnancy Precautions: Nor rare or raw. But you can have fully cooked meat in moderation)

Good Luck!

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