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The correct way to use Anchor Text in SEO

The correct way to use Anchor Text in SEO

Anchor text seo

In SEO Anchor Text can be a powerful tool but its importance in SEO is often overlooked and the correct way to utilize this tool is known to a select few. In this article, I will tell you how to hyperlink properly to optimize your website ranking.

What is Hyperlink or Anchor Text?

The clickable text in a Hyperlink is known as the Anchor Text. The best SEO practices dictate that it should be relevant to the page being linked rather than generic text.

Example of HTML code:

<a href=”sophistbloggers.com”>This is anchor text! </a>

Why should we use Anchor Text?

The keywords used in anchor texts are indicators of relevance of a topic of a webpage that search engines use to rank them.

Descriptive Anchor Text

Descriptive Anchor Text should always be used because the opposite in SEO is meaningless. Do not write “click here” and if you simply have to, do not write it again in the text.

  • Instead of writing

“To learn more about our exciting products, click here”

  • Try writing

“Learn more about our health and fitness products” and use hyperlink in “health and Fitness products”

By the use of this method, users as well as bots will be assisted when they are browsing your page.

Significance of the First Anchor Text on Blog:

Moz analyses show that if two links are present in a page targeting the same page or URL, only the first one is counted by Google and the second Anchor Text doesn’t count.

Many webmasters are under the impression that Google counts multiple text phrases that contain identical hyperlinks separately and it improves page ranking. This is a common error and should be avoided. Your main focus should be on the First anchor text.

Anchor Text in SEO


How to create a Hyperlink or Anchor text, WordPress or any other CMS

Adding hyperlink or Anchor text to a blog is relatively easy. When creating a post, select the text you want to anchor and right click. Click on insert and then hyperlink. Paste the target URL (should include http:// or https://. The portion of the text selected is the Anchor text.

How to add Hyperlink yourselves using text/HTML if your website is not on WordPress or any CMS


How to Hyperlink without WordPress or any CMS

  • Hyperlink code: Basic

<a href=”sophistbloggeres.com”>Keyword Density in SEO</a>

  • Link that opens in a new tab on browser:

<a href=”sophistbloggeres.com” target=”_blank”>Keyword Density in SEO</a>

  • Link without passing referral benefit or Link juice

 <a href=”sophistbloggeres.com” rel=”nofollow”>Keyword Density in SEO</a>

  • Link without SEO Juice and also opens in new tab

<a href=”sophistbloggers.com” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Keyword Density in SEO</a>

How to use Hyperlink/ Anchor text properly

Building Anchor text and proper Anchor text ratio is key to use hyperlink properly

The best approach is to keep it natural. This is the best and safest approach and will be safe for your profile.

The normal composition of anchor text is:

  1. 20% naked URLs
  2. 20% Branded Anchors
  3. 10% business owner named anchor
  4. 10% generic anchors
  5. 35% related keywords
  6. 5% Money keyword

Also it is recommended for advanced users to add rel=”nofollow” to their anchor texts for other websites that they do not want to give any SEO benefit to.








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