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How to Sleep on a Plane- Sleeping Sitting Up Whenever Wherever

How to Sleep on a Plane- Sleeping Sitting Up Whenever Wherever

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Sleeping on a plane:

If you struggle when sleeping on a plane, you are not alone. You might be asking yourself, ‘how to sleep on a plane’. Well, we are here to help. Making a few small changes to your flight habits may improve your experience of sleeping on a plane. Read our tips for getting a good shuteye and successfully sleeping on a plane. And later on, in the article, I will be telling you what the best way to sleep on a plane is.


Sleeping on a plane is better if you choose the right seat

The location of your seat is one of, if not the most essential factors in sleeping on a plane. Try getting a window seat. This will help you in sleeping on a plane. That means no one will wake you up every time they go to the bathroom, and you will also get something to lean against. You can control the window shade to your liking, improving your overall experience.

Choose the window seat to sleep better on a plane

What seats to avoid

Bulkhead or exit row seats may seem like excellent options at first glance due to the extra legroom. You might figure that they help in sleeping on a plane. But sleeping in these is very uncomfortable, like sleeping in a plastic wrap, especially if the seat next to you is vacant.

Also, bulkhead seats can be noisy because they are often reserved for families travelling with babies or young children.

You should avoid the very last row of the plane due to the bad smell. They are often right next to the bathrooms as well as the galley. Both noise and smell can quickly become a problem for you in these seats. And it is not the best way to sleep on a plane.

Avoid the very last row

So what seat should I get?

Apart from the very back row, there are benefits to sitting at the back of a plane. The noise from the engine and the galley is undoubtedly a little annoying, but the extra room that often comes with these seats easily overshadows the slight annoyance.

Sleeping better on a plane : What to do First?

For daytime flights, this trick can be a miracle. In daytime flights, even the slightest of distractions can be enough to disturb you so that you do not get the sleep you need. Get some water or juice when drinks come around, and this will help you in sleeping on a plane. Avoid Coffee at all costs.

how to sleep on a plane

Claim blankets and pillows first to sleep better on a plane or when sleeping sitting up

No doubt about it! There can never be enough blankets or pillows to be enough for everyone. Get yours early and if you don’t have a set in your seat, ask the flight attendant for a pair immediately.

Free your feet, to sleep better on the plane

There is a lot of controversy around this topic because some people believe that removing their shoes makes sleeping on a plane a significantly better experience than sleeping with them. Others are of the opinion that circulation is not maintained when shoes are removed, and this leads to swelling of feet.

free your feet to sleep on a plane

My opinion is that shoes that are easy to remove, such as slides and slip-ons are best for travel. You should put them on and remove them as per need. Some airlines provide socks that encourage the circulation of blood in your feet and prevent swelling. But in my opinion, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Use your headphones wisely

Using your headphones to watch movies can  be enjoyable buy the fun doesn’t last. The real reason to sleep when flying is that you are fresh when you land at your destination, ready for another day’s work. Do not use your headphones to watch movies and stay awake till 3 a.m. Instead, use it to listen to soothing music that will help you to fall asleep faster.

How to sleep on a plane using headphones

Do not watch movies till 3 a.m

Exercise self-control and get a gowqod pair of noise-cancellation headphones from Bose, or get a couple of earbuds if you need a cheaper alternative. Using music to calm yourself and dampening environmental distractions is one of the best ways to sleep on a plane.

Recline seat – CAUTIOUSLY

Seats will start to tip backward soon in your flight. Everybody has to sleep, and that includes you. Recline your seat but always give a heads up to the person sitting behind you. They may have a coffee or drink in your hand. Common sense and basic etiquette apply here the same as everywhere else.

Airplane seat lean for sleeping

Sleeping sitting up is more comfortable if you avoid the light

This coincides with my previous tip (get a window seat) because if you have control over the window light, you have an easier time avoiding it. Avoid screens, reading lights and cabin lights, all of these can disturb your sleep, and you do not want that. Get an eye mask. Some airlines provide them to you by default, but just to be safe, carry one during the flight. It is one of the best ways to sleep on a plane.

Waking up after sleeping on a plane

Waking up after sleeping on a plane is the worst part of sleeping on a plane. Try to wake up from sleep more than 45 minutes before landing. This gives you time to freshen up and be fully awake until the flight lands so that you are your usual energetic self on arrival.

Waking up on a plane easier

Tie your shoes, wear your watch, use the restroom, drink coffee and walk off that plane fully awake. Grabbing your shuteye in flight and sleeping on a plane will be better than ever before using our travel guide. If you follow our list, it won’t matter if you are sleeping on a plane, or sleeping sitting up somewhere else. You will be able to get maximum shuteye with minimum disturbance.

The best way to sleep on a plane:

If you have made it this far then, I am sure that you will undoubtedly be interested in the exact way I recommend for sleeping on a plane. In my opinion, the best way to sleep on a plane is reclining your seat, grab your headphones (listen to calming music), put an eye mask and keep your breathing slow and controlled. Choose your seats wisely, and you are good to go!

Happy Flying!

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