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Hinduism is more like Islam than you think – Sophist

Islam and Hinduism

Hinduism and Islam: Similarities and Differences   On the surface, Islam and Hinduism may appear as entirely different religions, and it is a common misconception that they have not a single thing in common. However, if you take the time to scratch the surface, you will come across various facts …

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The World’s Oldest Religion

the oldest religion in the World

It is extremely hard to quote the exact birth of any religion. Somehow it is said that Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion, by the studies of many Religious scholars and philosophers after keeping the main roots, cultures, and traditions in view, Hinduism is pin pointed almost 4000 years back, …

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Contrast Islamic Culture and Cultural Islam

Islamic culture is the day to activities, behaviour and attitude of the people based upon the authentic teaching of Islam. These are the common values that are found in all the Muslims’ countries of the world. On the other hand, cultural Islam is the values of the specific geographical areas …

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